Every February, Black History Month is celebrated in Canada, recognizing the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians throughout history. Black History Month celebrates resilience, innovation, determination, and diversity. 

Black history in Canada has not always been celebrated or highlighted. Slavery existed in Canada and enormous pain has been endured by the Black community within this country. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada following a motion introduced by Dr. Jean Augustine, which the House of Commons carried out unanimously.

Seneca takes pride in the vibrant and diverse community we serve, and continues to build an equitable Seneca. Honouring Black History Month and the contributions of Black Seneca employees, faculty, students, and Canadians is just one part of the commitment to building an equitable Seneca. Throughout the month, Seneca students and employees will be able to learn about the triumphs of icons in the Black community and can participate in a range of events to learn more.

Events taking place

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In support of Black students

At Seneca, there are a variety of supports available for Black students, including access to Black mentors through our Student Mentoring in Life and Education (SMILE) program and access to awards, bursaries and scholarships designated for Black students.