About Seneca Student Leadership Conference (SSLC)

The Seneca Student Leadership Conference (SSLC) brings together Seneca students from across all program areas to develop leadership skills and knowledge while connecting with their peers and the wider Seneca community.

Delivered twice a year (Fall and Winter), each SSLC is designed around a specific theme that connects to leadership and integrates key leadership values, concepts, and practices to support student learning and leadership development. 

Through a series of inspiring keynote speeches, interactive activities, and group discussions, students will gain knowledge, experience, and opportunities to expand their leadership and networking skills.  


Winter 2023 Conference Overview 

The Winter 2023 Conference theme is “Co-creating Worlds: Leadership through Creativity, Imagination and Innovation”, grounded in Creative Leadership theory and practice.  

During this conference, participants will engage in various workshops, reflections, interactive activities, and group discussions. Students will have a chance to attend several individual workshops of their choice that highlight the importance of creativity, imagination, and innovation in leadership, and how they can foster creative leadership in their personal and professional lives.  

Sign-ups for individual workshops will be offered the day-of and spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

By attending, you will:

  • Learn from experts and leaders across communities, fields, and organizations
  • Gain valuable leadership knowledge, skills, and experiences to enhance your leadership practice
  • Connect with Seneca staff, faculty, and peers that make up the Seneca community
  • Have a chance to win prizes through various activities, draws, and games
  • Have the opportunity to obtain a record of participation by completing a reflection exercise about the conference and your key learnings