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Seneca’s Art Collection was established in 1970. Today, the collection consists of more than 500 contemporary Canadian works and includes examples of Canadian abstraction, figurative work, post-War modernist art, sculpture, photography and Indigenous artwork.

  • "Puss and Boots Copies" - (Carol Wainio, 2009)

    "Puss and Boots Copies" - (Carol Wainio, 2009)

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    Carol Wainio grew up in Sarnia, Ontario. She is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa. Her work has been exhibited in major art galleries in Canada, the U.S., Europe and China. Working with large-scale canvasses, using a restrictive, sometimes monotone, colour palette, Wainio manipulates figuration. Layering fairy tale illustrations, children’s drawings and images from mass culture, she creates new narratives, dark and sad, in which the enchantment of the fairy tales is lost amid the discarded refuse of a consumerist society. "Puss and Boots Copies" is physically located at Newnham Campus in A Building.

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