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New MySeneca launches for students

New MySeneca launches for students

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Being a student at Seneca just got even better.

With the launch of the new MySeneca this week, finding resources for classes, health and wellness, work opportunities and engaging in student life is now just a click away.

“It’s exciting to be launching a new student intranet developed in response to what students have told us they want,” said Renata D’Innocenzo, Vice-President, Students and Strategy. “Having all of Seneca’s academic supports, services and contacts available in one platform will make it easier for students to navigate information. It also supports our commitment through Au Large to build the more virtual Seneca.”

Development and implementation of the new MySeneca have been led by Ms. D’Innocenzo and Radha Krishnan, Vice-President, Information Services.

“This is the place where all current students can go to for anything they need during their time at Seneca,” Mr. Krishnan said. “We have pulled everything into this one platform.”

MySeneca offers students direct links to Seneca’s suite of apps and tools, a GPA calculator, Learn@Seneca, Student Home and other useful sites. It also includes an easy-to-use search function that helps them locate information quickly. The platform’s event calendar will keep everyone up to date with happenings across campuses.

The intranet is also public, meaning content is accessible to prospective students and searchable. Current students can log in to MySeneca for a personalized experience.

“This is the first time we have had a comprehensive intranet for our students,” Mr. Krishnan said. “It opens up a new world of opportunities that didn’t exist for us before.”

Each academic faculty will also have the ability to create a dedicated space for their schools on MySeneca, allowing professors to share tailored news, media and messages with their students.

So far, more than 100 spaces have been created on MySeneca, organized similarly to those on the employee MySeneca and grouped into larger categories or hubs. These hubs include Academic Support, Registration Services and Health and Wellness.

Sonia Novello, Communications Specialist, is the lead for the student intranet project. She has collaborated with members of the working group Jimmy Goyal, ITS Project Manager, and Davor Omanovic, Manager, Web Development, and an advisory committee with representatives from Seneca’s academic and service areas (listed below).

The team collaborated with nearly 100 subject matter experts and students from various programs to build the platform with a “no wrong door” approach.

“For example, access to counselling information can be found in both the Support Services and the Health and Wellness hubs,” Mrs. Novello said. “No matter how students journey through the platform, they will never feel like they’ve gone through a wrong door.”

The entire MySeneca platform will be intuitive and help streamline how Seneca provides the best possible student experience — online and in person.

“I am grateful for the hard work of the MySeneca project team, advisory committee and the many subject matter experts from across Seneca,” said Ms. D’Innocenzo. “Thanks to them, our students now have a platform built entirely with their needs in mind.”

Student MySeneca Advisory Committee:

  • Carrie Broughton, Program Co-ordinator, Flight Services - Operations & Cabin Management
  • Cory Coletta, Acting Manager, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Yuliya Krasko, Manager, Records & Systems, Office of the Registrar
  • Kelly Mathews, Director, Communications
  • Kathryn McMillan, Manager, Learning Centres
  • Leonard Park, Acting Manager, Student Life
  • Jeff Roach, Professor, School of Marketing & Media
  • Roderic Southwell, Employer Relations Specialist, Academic Learning Services

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